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Thai Airways (THAI) was formed in 1988. Its corporate headquarters are in Bangkok with a hub at Suvarnabhumi Airport that serves as their main operation, reaching 61 destinations in 33 countries and boasting a fleet of more than 80 aircraft that fly to two Middle Eastern countries, 19 in Asia, the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, 11 in Europe, one in America and one in South Africa (Johannesburg).

THAI has code share agreements with 21 other airlines, are founding members of ‘Star Alliance’ and for frequent fliers, have the ‘Royal Orchid Plus’ programme.

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Thai Airways

Thai Airways
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What You Will Be Eating

THAI’s classes of travel are ‘Royal First’, ‘Royal Silk’ and ‘Economy Class’ but irrespective of class, travellers receive excellent service combined with a food experience like never before! If you require a ‘Special Meal’, THAI offers a comprehensive range (to be ordered in advance) for vegetarians, diabetics, children and babies including those with religious restrictions.

Passengers travelling in ‘Royal First or Silk ’classes have the benefit of THAI’s ‘Chef on Call’ service and can pre-order their favourite main course meal from a selection of 18 menus (not available on-board) offering lobster, fish, beef, salmon, duck, stir-fried Thai and Asian dishes and many others.

In-flight menus offer an excellent variety of delicious main courses including salads, soups, caviar, canapés, decadent desserts, cheeses and fruits along with champagne, wine, a spirit, juices or hot beverages.

Travelling With Children

If you’re travelling with an infant, for appropriate seating, make this known when booking your ticket. Babies under two years of age may use an FAA-approved car seat on a normal paid seat. During take-off and landing, babies must be held in an adult’s arms and it’s not recommended flying with a baby under seven days old.

For children travelling alone between the ages of five to 17 years, parents must apply for the ‘unaccompanied minor service’ and complete the special assistance & handling form enabling THAI to make the necessary arrangements to assist the child in the best way possible. Guardians must remain at the airport with the child until departure and are responsible for completing check-in procedures. Ground staff will transfer the child from the departure hall to cabin attendants for boarding where in-flight staff will oversee the child’s needs during flight. On destination arrival, ground staff will accompany the child from the aircraft, through all procedures up to meeting the appointed guardian who must have sufficient identification in order to take the child.

To keep young ones amused and happy during a flight THAI have a range of toys, games and films for children tailored to suit all age groups with cabin crew being specially trained to help with small children. THAI does not accept children travelling alone if the flight has an overnight stop, a transfer or stop-over exceeding six hours, unless prior arrangements are made for a child’s assistant at the transfer point. Mentally challenged children are not allowed to apply for the ‘unaccompanied minor service’.

Passengers may take their own wheelchairs which will be stored in the cargo hold if weighing less than 32kgs. If a wheelchair is required for on-board the flight only, this service is free of charge and should be requested when booking. THAI crew will assist passengers to their seats and toilets but will not assist passengers inside toilets. If this assistance is required the passenger should travel with an escort. Passengers will be assisted by THAI staff for departure from the check-in to the aircraft and their seat and on arrival will assist right through to the arrival area.

Baggage Allowance

Thai Airways announced an additional 10kg allowance of check-in luggage for all classes of travel (excluding flights to and from the USA). Passengers flying ‘Royal First’ can now check-in 50kgs while 40kgs is allowed for ‘Royal Silk’ and ‘Economy’ 30kgs.

Travellers to Canada or the USA are allowed two check-in bags with a maximum dimension in total of 158cm over all three classes. ‘Royal First and Silk’ passengers are allowed a maximum weight of 32kgs while 23kgs maximum is allowed for ‘Economy’ travellers. Infants not occupying a seat are allowed only one bag with a maximum weight of 23kgs and maximum dimension in total of 115cm.

Free baggage allowance in ‘Royal First/Silk’ class is two pieces, weight not exceeding 32kgs and total dimension not exceeding 158cm each. ‘Economy Class’ allows two pieces with weight not exceeding 23kgs and total dimension not exceeding 158cm each. Infants not occupying a seat are allowed 10kgs.

Carry-on baggage allows passengers one item of baggage with a maximum length of 56cm, width 45cm and thickness 25cm inclusive of wheels, handles and side pockets and total weight not exceeding 7kgs. Passengers may take a handbag, wallet or purse with the total dimension not exceeding 75cm and total weight not more than 1,5kgs including a personal computer, camera or small binoculars, infant food, walking sticks or crutches. Spot checks may be carried out at check-in counters or the boarding gate to ensure these rules are adhered to.

Aerosols, gels and liquids in carry-on luggage must be in containers with a capacity not greater than 100ml, packed in transparent re-sealable plastic bags with a maximum capacity of one litre and must be presented at screening points for visual examination. Allowances are made for medications, baby food or specific dietary needs.

Passengers wanting to transport sports or special equipment should see the comprehensive list online relating to items allowed, sizes, weights and costs.

Thai Airways’ latest interactive ‘Audio-Visual On-Demand’ (AVOD) system with 23” flat screens or personal 15 to 16” touch screens offering 100 plus movies, TV programmes, news, travel channels, 500 music CDs, games and special features ensures passengers are never left bored. AVOD systems are available in all classes but on selected aircraft.

Relax in a semi-private suite virtually 8 feet in length and a 23” seat width or stretch out on a 180 degree lie-flat bed. Seats on all routes are made to allow for optimum balance of the head, back and leg angles, ensuring ample support and total comfort.

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