One of the biggest and diversified continents on the planet, Africa is loaded with activities. It’s not an exaggeration, every individual who has been to Africa has returned totally restored and enlivened after their trip! Ask any individual who has been there and they’ll say there’s only something in regards to it that holds you coming back.

Africa is not only comprises of fifty countries but also has thousands of diverse ethnic groups, each of them has their own language and culture. Visiting the local market or going to a celebration can be an ideal social involvement in itself.

Get ready to discover this captivating kingdom with cheap flights to Lesotho. It is a landlocked mountainous country, encompassed totally by South Africa. Lesotho, known as the Kingdom in the Sky, is a place hung in taking off mountains, green valleys and the culture of the Basotho. Lesotho is home to more than 2 million individuals and is one of the three remaining kingdoms in Africa.

Places to visit in Lesotho

Attractions include Maletsunyane Falls near Semonkong, Ha Kome Caves in Berea and Tse’hlanyane National Park in Butha-Buthe.

Lesotho is home to the most elevated ski resort in Africa. Afriski is located at an altitude of 3050 meters above sea level. With a drop of 192 meters, the Maletsunyane is the most elevated single drop waterfall in Southern Africa.

Already known as Basutoland, it is home to the indigenous Basotho, a tribe set apart by its way of life and conventions. This beautiful alpine country is enormously underrated as worldwide travel destination. Enjoy the unique experience of pony trekking on a Basotho pony.

The Katse Dam and Botanical Gardens are truly stunning. Known as one of the biggest engineering projects in the 1990s, the dam scatters water to South Africa. The high wall and lake made out of it is an incredible sight.

Lesotho offers other intriguing spots, for example, Maletsunyane Falls, Kome Dove Dwellings, Thaba-Bosiu, Rock Art in Ha Baroana, Dinosaur impressions in Subeng Stream, Morija, and Tsikoane. Explore the Sehlabathebe National Park and Major Bells Tower that is famous for the Gun War.

Flights to Lesotho

Maseru is home to Moshoeshoe International Airport, which is a 25-minute drive from the centre point of the city. Moshoeshoe International Airport serves South African Airways. Direct flights to Maseru withdraw from Johannesburg and prevalent corresponding flights leave from Cape Town and Durban. Flight duration from Johannesburg to Maseru is around 55 minutes.

The Moshoeshoe I International Airport is connected by universal airlines, for example, Airlink and Maluti Sky, Fly Airways, Air India, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines. Book Flights to Lesotho with so many options available.