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Whether you’re leaving the cold, wet London streets for sunny South Africa or just needing to get from one city to another locally, choose South African Airways (SAA), known for many years as one of the world’s safest airlines, SAA will ensure you have a most enjoyable flight wherever you may be going. Perhaps you’re going on honeymoon, attending a 50th wedding anniversary or an important business meeting or just finally taking your children and baby to visit their South African grandparents who they have never met, whatever your reason, SAA will cater to your every need.

South African Airways flies to both the Domestic Flights market as well as the international market. We can more than 24 million flights and, in doign so, are able to offer you the cheapest prices for South African Airways flights. The most popular domestic routes include; South African Airways Flights From King Shaka International Airport To OR Tambo International Airport and South African Airways Flights From Cape Town International Airport To Wonderboom Airport from as little as R578.00 depending on demand.

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Cheapest South African Airways (SAA) Domestic Flights

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Baggage Allowance On Flysaa

Remember if purchasing gifts to take for family or friends, for your ‘free baggage’ on SAA, flying Business Class allows you 2 pieces at a maximum of 32kg (70lb) per piece and with maximum dimensions of 158cm (62 inches) per piece, Economy Class is 1 piece at a maximum of 23kg (50lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62 inches) per piece, so plan your wardrobe with care and avoid being charged EUR/USD 100 for excess weight. Any baggage over 32kg (70lb) will not be accepted and must be checked in as air cargo. Of course if you fly First Class you’re allowed 40kg (88lb) free baggage. Should you be travelling on a number of flights in different classes the ‘free baggage allowance’ on each portion of travel is applicable to the class of service for which the fare is paid.

What You Will Be Eating on SAA

The food served on flights by South African Airways, SA Airlines,  is adequate portions of mouth watering speciality dishes with starters, scrumptious main courses and either a savoury or sweet dish to end off a superb meal and overseen by Chef Reuben Riffel and Chef Benny Masekwameng who are classed as celebrity chefs, executing menus that compete with top restaurants. Chef Reuben Riffel moved quickly up the ranks from assistant Sous Chef in Franschoek to opening the highly successful Bruno’s Brasserie in Cambridge, earning him multiple awards and titles and Chef Benny Masekwameng was the Executive Chef at the Tsogo Sun as well as a Masterchef SA judge. South African Airways was the first airline to be granted honorary membership to the South African Chefs’ Association, verifying the Chefs’ cooking expertise, ensuring passengers a more pleasurable journey. A superb meal is incomplete without an equally palatable wine accompanying it and the finest South African wines are especially paired to meals on SAA ensuring absolute satisfaction for travellers. Champagne is available for those celebrating and for travellers that do not enjoy wine there is a range of thirst quenching beverages available. Should you suffer from food allergies or require a special meal, all you need do is order and confirm your meal within 48 hours of departure however KSMLS must be ordered and confirmed no less than 72 hours prior to departure.

Passengers Requiring Assistance

SAA have a ‘Special Travel Needs’ option that caters for people with medical problems or elderly travellers requiring assistance. On board SAA flights are facilities for usage of medical equipment such as battery operated ventilators or if you require assistance in getting in and out of aircraft seats, transferrals from a wheelchair to the aircraft or an adjacent seat for your carer, ensure these requirements are requested at the time of booking your ticket or at least 48 hours prior to departure. For your convenience all SAA aircraft are provided with an on-board wheelchair for passengers needing to be escorted to and from toilets.

Checking In on South African Airways

Early arrivals for flights are encouraged by SAA and one should arrive at least two to three hours before departure time for international flights and 90 minutes before departure for domestic flights to ensure a safe and pleasant flight experience.

Travelling With Children

If travelling with children or babies on FlySAA, any child under two years of age is classified as an infant and must be accompanied by an adult and should you be travelling alone with more than one infant, it is advisable to arrange for an escort to assist you. If your infant has a birthday en route and is turning two, a separate seat must be purchased which needs to be done through your local SAA office and children over the age of two must occupy their own seat. For your comfort and convenience, SAA has sky cradles available for babies under the age of six months, 10kg and 75cm on a first-come first-serve basis, it’s therefore advisable to request one when making your booking and recommended for those travelling with infants, to book seats based at a bulk head, where a baby bassinet can be used and where there is additional legroom.

Should you wish to utilise your baby car seat, a seat must be booked and paid for and importantly, check on-line to see which aircraft allow this facility including safety features that need to be adhered to. Food and milk that you bring on board for your baby can be warmed up by cabin crew but should you require baby meals, this request must be made at the time of booking, or standard meals will be served. Infants are permitted 1 PC up to 10kg of checked baggage and one collapsible buggy or baby car seat and those paying 50% of the adult fare are allowed the same baggage as granted to adults.

Infants can have one carry-on bag including bedding, napkins, feeding bottles and food and is free of charge providing the total mass, excluding the baby, does not exceed 8kg. One of the easiest ways to book your ticket is to go on-line, shop around for the cheapest flights and check all regulations pertaining to your flight. With South African Airways, a few exceptions to online booking are more than nine travellers on the same booking in a group; children that are unaccompanied; travellers needing medical or special assistance and passengers with unconfirmed or open tickets or on standby. For online check-in, only e-tickets may be utilised.

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