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singapore-airlinesSingapore Airlines Limited (SIA) was founded 1947 as Malayan Airways and began operating as SIA in 1972. The proud flag carrier for Singapore with the company slogan of ‘A Great Way to Fly’, it operates from its hub at Singapore’s Changi Airport with a fleet of 107 aircraft flying to 62 destinations in 35 countries on six continents.

SIA has been a ‘Star Alliance’ member since 2000 and for their loyal customers have two frequent flyers programmes, namely ‘KrisFlyer’ where miles can be earned with numerous other airlines including ‘Star Alliance’ members, hotel chains and car hire companies and ‘Priority Passenger Service (PPS) Club’ that offers qualifying members additional benefits. SIA has code share agreement with nine other airlines as well as three subsidiaries, ‘Scoot handling the low-cost sector whileSilkAirmanages regional flights with short-haul aircraft and Singapore Airlines Cargobeing its freighter carrier.

SIA has four classes of travel service with ‘Suites’ for the rich and famous that offers separate compartments, affording passengers a flight of pure extravagance right from being pampered on arrival, whisked ahead of the line at check-in right to being seated and treated to champagne, caviar and then the arduous decision of your main course from a wide selection of delicious meals. Following is ‘First’, ‘Business’ and ‘Economy’ class with SIA planning to launch in the latter part of 2015, a ‘Premium Economy’ class. In-flight entertainment offers an array of movies, TV programmes, music, games and applications including entertainment devices and connectivity.

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Singapore Airlines
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Travelling With Children

If you’re travelling with children or your child is travelling alone, SIA take every precaution possible to ensure your child’s safety and comfort. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to travel alone and should you be travelling alone with two infants, this must be conveyed to SIA for special arrangements. Booster seats are not permitted but car child seats with FAA approval child harnesses are allowed for minors under the age of 3 years, but not younger than six months. Should you require a bassinet, baby amenities or a child’s meal, it’s advised to request this when booking as only a limited amount are carried onboard and its best to bring your own baby amenities.

SIA’s ‘Unaccompanied Minor service’ is for unaccompanied minors and starts from check-in right through to arrival with your child being under constant supervision. It is compulsory for unaccompanied children aged between 5 and 12 years and optional for those aged 12 to 18 years. Once you’ve booked your ticket, whether you complete the “UM Handling form” or the “UM Assistance and Handling Waiver form“, SIA must be notified of your choice.

Mothers to be’ are not required to produce a medical certificate if travelling within the 28th week of pregnancy but should their return flight exceed this, they will need to produce a medical certificate.

For elderly or disabled passengers requiring assistance, SIA offer a range of services to cover these needs. Should you require mobility aids or a wheelchair onboard, plan your trip in good time enabling SIA to arrange for all your needs. Should you wish to take your own mobility aid, it’s not included in your free baggage allowance.

Singapore Airlines will transport certain pets, subject to specific requirements, as either ‘Accompanied’ (part of checked baggage) allowing you to be reunited with your pet on arrival at the passenger terminal or as ‘Unaccompanied’. Be sure to check correct container sizes, necessary veterinary certificates etc.

Baggage Allowance

Checked baggage allowances for all countries (excluding USA and Brazil) under the weight concept are 50kg for ‘Suites’ and ‘First’, 40kgs for ‘Business’ with 30kgs for ‘Economy’. Infants are allowed 10kg baggage including a fully collapsible pushchair and carry-cot or car seat at no additional cost.

Cabin baggage allowance is two pieces over all classes except ‘Economy’ which is one piece with a maximum weight of 7kg each and total sum not exceeding 115cm. Additional items allowed are a handbag, umbrella, walking stick, laptop, small camera, in flight food for an infant and carrying basket and a pair of crutches or prosthetic devices if the passenger is reliant upon them.

Sporting equipment exceeding your free baggage allowance will incur excess baggage charges. Oversized musical instruments may be taken on board if travelling ‘Economy’ provided you purchase an additional seat to accommodate the instrument which will be on the floor and secured by seat belts to the seat frame.

What You Will Be Eating

Whether your child is a fussy eater or one that loves to eat everything, SAI have for minors aged two to 11 years ‘Yummy’, a menu with many choices so tantalising that any child would be enticed to eat, even those dreaded vegetables! Each main course has additional treats of fruit-flavoured drinks, cookies, candies and desserts that ensure pure enjoyment and after eating, sleeping. ‘Suites, First and Business’ class can choose their ‘Yummy’ main course 24 hours before departure. Be sure to check which flights ‘Yummy’ is available on.

Singapore Airlines offers an excellent choice of delectable meals for both vegetarians and meat lovers including Chinese, Japanese and Indian speciality dishes matching every individual taste. Additionally their ‘Book the Cook Service’ permits passengers to select their favourite main course 24 hours prior to departure. Combined with their superb cuisine are choices of champagnes, red or white wines, liquors, spirits and beers to complete a fine dining experience. Coffee lovers can sit back and relax while enjoying an espresso or cappuccino while tea lovers can choose from a selection including Earl Grey, Japanese Green tea, Chinese Oolong tea or Indian Masala tea.

Travellers requiring special meals for medical, dietary or religious reasons should pre-order at least 24 hours before flight departure or do so when booking.

Passengers wanting to check-in online or via mobile can do so from 48 hours to two hours before flight is due to depart.

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