Africa is not only comprises of fifty countries but also has thousands of diverse ethnic groups, each of them has their own language and culture. Visiting the local market or going to a celebration can be an ideal social involvement in itself.

Officially known as the Buffalo City, East London is located along the broad Eastern Cape coastline, around three hours’ drive from Nelson Mandela Bay and between eight and nine hours from Durban. East London is a fab getaway for those needing to spend hot summers lazing in the sun or swimming in the warm Indian Ocean waters and there is much more. What’s more? Cheap flights to East London is easily accessible and East London is one of the affordable destinations to visit.

It lies on the most wonderful coastlines of the world- think warm Indian Ocean waters and sub-tropical climate that allows tourists to appreciate the atmosphere throughout the entire year. It lounges transcendently between the Nahoon River in the north and the Buffalo River toward the south of the city, and the phrase ‘un-spoilt beaches’ was named on account of East London’s beaches.

Bonza Bay’s beach lies simply off the Quinera Lagoon giving you the best- great angling, birding and swimming open doors and also hills of golden sand. Bonza Bay Beach is a great place to be in the sun. Nahoon beach is a surfer’s and swimmer’s heaven and is ostensibly East London’s most popular beach- kilometers away from the un-crowded and unpolluted sand and ocean that produces some of the best waves, especially at the Nahoon reef where surfing can be genuinely intense, consequently it is serving as a venue for a large number of the national surfing ground for competitions.

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