Mango Airlines


book mango airlines flightsMango Airlines, also known as Flymango and/or, one of South Africa’s most innovative airlines took to the skies in November 2006 clocking in more than 10 000 flight requests per minute during the first two days of its launching.

Operating with the best on-time performance in South African skies for the past six years with their fleet of Boeing 37-800 aircraft and a seating capacity of 186, Mango maintains the lowest cost base domestically providing customers with affordable fares and recently improved legroom with their new ergonomically seating. Mango Flights have IATA CODE JE.

Mango Airlines’ customers have the advantage of sourcing and booking the cheapest Mango flights online, at a Shoprite Checkers store or via their mobile app and are the only airline that accept Edgars/Jet store charge cards as payment. Mango flies between all major airports in South Africa including George and Bloemfontein as well as a twice weekly flight between Johannesburg and Zanzibar.

Book Mango Airlines Flights

Booking your Mango Airlines flights with us is a simple task. We give you a FREE flight search tool to find the cheapest Mango Flights available. Some of the more popular routes include; Mango Flights From Johannesburg To Durban, Mango Flights From Durban To Lanseria (JNB) and Mango Flights From Lanseria (JNB) To Cape Town with prices starting at R399.00

Cheapest Mango Airline Flights One-way


Prices based on live searches up till 29 Apr 00:00 and are subject to change.


Cheapest Mango Airline Flights Return


Route Departure Date Return Date Airline Logo Airline Price
Mango Flights From Johannesburg To Durban 8 Aug 10 Aug Mango R858
Mango Flights From Port Elizabeth To Johannesburg 24 Jul 26 Jul Mango R958
Mango Flights From East London To Johannesburg 25 Sep 27 Sep Mango R998
Mango Flights From Johannesburg To East London 25 Sep 25 Sep Mango R998
Mango Flights From Johannesburg To Cape Town 28 Aug 31 Aug Mango R1 198
Mango Flights From Durban To Cape Town 24 Jul 26 Jul Mango R1 208
Mango Flights From Cape Town To Durban 29 Aug 6 Sep Mango R1 238
Mango Flights From Cape Town To Bloemfontein 13 Aug 16 Aug Mango R1 298
Prices based on live searches up till 29 Apr 00:00 and are subject to change.


Why Fly With Flymango?

  • Fly Mango has been voted the best low-cost air carrier in Africa. This is a great achievement and should make your decision a little easier
  • For the tech addicts staying connected is so simple via your mobile device by making use of G-Connect prepaid data. There is  3G, Wi-Fi, In-Flight Wi-Fi or ADSL with your G-Connect prepaid top up readily available on all Mango Flights.


What You Will Be Eating


Flymango or www flymango co za recently updated their food and beverage offerings but do not provide ‘special needs meals’ however, guests are welcome to bring on board their own Halaal, Kosher, Vegan or diabetic meal. Should passengers wish to purchase snacks or beverages on board they can choose from an assortment of pastries, muffins, danishes, scones or croissants or indulge in one of Mango’s filled rolls, freshly prepared daily and also available for children. Cold beverages of soft drinks, iced tea, fruit juices and favoured milk including wine, beer and spirits are obtainable including hot beverages of hot chocolate, Five Roses or Rooibos tea, Nescafe coffee or cappuccino.


Baggage Allowance


Prior to leaving for your Mango flights remember to pack all valuables in your carry-on luggage, ensure your bags are locked and for easy identification of your luggage, stick on a colourful marker. Mango does not allow transportation of firearms, paintball or air guns or crossbows operating with gas cylinders. Knives may be packed into baggage provided it goes into the hold of the aircraft. Passengers flying with Mango may not include in their carry-on baggage sharp objects that may appear to be used as weapons, such as nail clippers, syringes, blades, scissors, knives cutlery or toy guns.

Carry-on baggage for Flymango flights may not exceed 115 cm (56 cm + 36 cm + 23 cm) or one bag at 7kg. No single item of checked-in baggage exceeding 32kg will be accepted for flight and baggage in excess of the allowance will be charged at the current rate per kg each way.

For returning passengers that stopped at wine routes, liquor cartons may be checked into the cargo hold provided they do not exceed the recommended baggage allowance and are correctly packaged and liquids must be marked as fragile.

On Mango flights tennis racquets can be taken on-board provided there is adequate space in the cabin and dependent on available cargo space, Mango will transport surfboards. For golfers there is a handling fee of R120 for transportation of golf bags and passengers taking bicycles must ensure they are packed in shipping boxes and pay a handling fee of R275. Bowlers are allowed a bowling ball, bag and pair of shoes which is to be checked in as Guest baggage as well as diving gear comprising a scuba regulator, a tank harness, a tank pressure gauge, a mask, a pair of fins, a snorkel and a safety vest. To guarantee the safe transportation of your gear, Mango recommends that all diving equipment is adequately encased and scuba tanks must be emptied before check-in with the required documentation proving so. Spear guns are not accepted for travel.

Passengers should note that the above items will be checked in as return and included in the checked allowance of 20kg per payment passenger (excluding bicycles). Travellers must have and keep a ‘Limited Liability Release Tag’ (available from Mango check-in counters) in order to retrieve any of the above items.

Passengers Requiring Assistance


For elderly guests travelling over the age of 60, Mango flights do their utmost to ensure they experience a pleasant trip and with their ‘senior citizen campaign’, elderly guests can save 15% when booking through the Mango call centre or via the website for selected Tuesday and Wednesday flights. These guests should check in early as Mango provides them with priority boarding. Elderly guests that are only able to walk short distances or unable to walk and attend to their own needs are pre-seated near a toilet and considered by Mango as medical cases.

Mango Airlines identifies disabled passengers as having permanent but stable physical disabilities, for example paralysis of all or part of the body, mentally challenged, multiple sclerosis, hearing or visually impaired, these passengers do not need to provide medical clearance from a doctor but must submit the Mango ‘Medical Request Form’ when booking. Mango caters for ‘Guide Dogs/Service Animals’ that may travel free of charge in the cabin of the aircraft but must be securely harnessed as well as proof that the passenger is dependent upon the service dog. Passengers must contact Mango’s ‘Medical Reservations Department’ advising them that their service dog needs to accompany them on board.

Paraplegics unable to see to their own needs, quadriplegics and passengers severely disabled by polio are required to submit the ‘Medical Request Form’ and must be accompanied by an able-bodied assistant.

Mentally disabled passengers must be accompanied by an able-bodied assistant, have the ‘Medical Request Form’ and a medical certificate completed and issued by a medical practitioner who must forward it to Mango for clearance at least 48 hours prior to flight departure.

For larger passengers FlyMango has recently upgraded their seats ensuring greater legroom but for those that will not be comfortable in a seat width of 40cm, an additional adjacent seat may be purchased at the normal rate for safety reasons and extension seat belts are available on request.

Travelling With Children


Mango flights defines a passenger under the age of 16 as a ‘younger explorer’ and ‘infants’ are those aged between seven days and not having reached their second birthday. Mango does not accommodate infants younger than seven days and birth certificates for infants must be produced at check-in. Children aged from two to 12 years must be accompanied by someone 16 years and older. Passengers aged between 12 and 16 years may travel alone however they may not partake as an adult companion to a child under the age of 12. Mango does not cater for unaccompanied minors that are children older than two but not having yet reached the age of 12.

For a child under two years of age, Mango charges a small fixed rate of R117.54 plus VAT and a R16 Civil Aviation Aircraft Passenger Safety Charge per flight.

In flight on Mango Airlines, keep your child occupied by purchasing a Kiddies Cool Bag with a colouring book, crayons, a competition sheet and including a filled roll, a Lipton Ice Tea or a Parmalat Yumchum as well as a Kinder Joy Egg free of charge.