Known as the capital of the world, this is where you can not only see the world’s largest waterfalls but also swim up to its edge and bungee jump off of it! Whatever activity you do here it’s certain to booze your hunger for experience. Furthermore, it’s situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe so it’s an awesome reason to explore two nations at the same time!

Zimbabwe’s enormous interest for any tourist is self-evident. This intriguing, stunning country, so ethnically different has 16 official dialects, is similarly worth going by for its rich social and historical legacy with 20 air terminals; however flights to Zimbabwe are well on the way to take you into Harare International Airport, on the outskirts of the capital. In Harare, Victoria 22 is a frontier house-turned-eatery which serves global food and is prevalent with local people. For the best climate April, May and September furnish wonderful temperatures with rain once in a while happening. Not the best time to visit is from October to February, low height parks are repulsively hot. For an adventure out in the wild, May to October amid the dry season is perfect with creatures frequenting waterholes and rivers.

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