The oldest official trekking trail in South Africa is the Otter Trail and is considered to be one of the best treks in the country. Located completely within the Tsitsikamma National Park, the path is directly in the center of the well known Garden Route, another of South Africa’s most popular attractions.

The diversified form of the route is what makes it so one of a kind. The Otter trekking trail twists along amazing waterfront precipices, notwithstanding thick and immaculate woodlands, offering trekkers the best. Respect the striking stone outcrops, investigate the caverns, or go for a plunge in one of the normally shaped stone pools. Heaped high with fauna and greenery and graced with amazing cascades, and numerous waterways and streams, this is a position of unadulterated, uninhibited magnificence. Through the span of the trek, guests can appreciate winged creature watching, natural life spotting, and tidal pool rowing. Remember to keep your eyes stripped for the Cape Clawed Otter, for which the path was named!

For a short distance, there are a great deal of high points and low points and changes in height, which makes this trek strenuous now and again. Youngsters underneath 12 and grown-ups over 65 years are not allowed to leave on the Otter Trail. The path is all around checked and safe. In any case, the confinements on the quantity of trekkers permitted every day (just twelve!), the enormous changes in rise, and testing stream intersections absolutely make it feel like you’re improvising alone in the wild!

There are four stops along the route that provides you accommodation. At each stop, there are two wooden cabins with cots, slender sleeping pads, and no bedding. There is one common latrine and cold-water shower per cabin. There is no power. Every cottage can oblige 6 individuals one after another. Kindling is provided at all the stops and the faucet water is drinkable. There is a BBQ zone, yet climbers should give their own nourishment, pots, dish, and gas stove.

Summer i.e. November to March is the best time to go for this trek. The climate is the hottest and the possibility of downpour is the least. The hotter climate likewise makes swimming at the cascade and sea shores en route increasingly agreeable. The Otter trekking trail must be done one way; from east to west. There are just four settlement focuses. Trekkers must finish the separation between each point before every day’s over. There are no other settlement alternatives on this route.

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