Etihad Airways

  etihad-airwaysEstablished by royal decree of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in July 2003, Etihad Airways (Etihad) is the flag carrier and second largest airline of the United Arab Emirates with its head office base in Khalifa City, near Abu Dhabi’s international airport.

The airline operates over 1,000 weekly flights to more than 120 destinations covering Australia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East with a fleet of over 115 Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Equity alliance partnerships with Air Lingus, Serbia, Seychelles, Berlin, Alitalia, Darwin Airlines, Jet Airways and Virgin Australia are a pillar of strength to the airlines operation. Etihad has over 40 code-share agreements with other airlines including South African Airways and the French Railways as well as partnership agreements with more than 25 airlines. Passengers have a choice of travelling in Economy, Business, First or The Residence, exclusive to Etihad, the only 3-room private luxury cabin in the world servicing London (Heathrow), New York and Sydney.

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Etihad Airways
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Travel Classes
First Class passengers on long-haul flights are afforded a change room, personal wardrobe and a refreshments cabinet and experience a perfect night’s sleep in fashionable loungewear with duvets, cotton sheets and pillows made from natural fibres in a comfortable 80.5-inch full-flat bed. An in-flight chef will prepare a personalised meal for you from the menu and you can order food at any time. Passengers have the option of a bedtime or wake-up drink of hot chocolate, malt, coffee and tea including chamomile.

Business Class passengers taking long-haul flights relax in comfort in 73-inch flat-beds with luxury pillows and a comforter including a built-in massager that can be adjusted to their specific need when reclining or sleeping. You can order a bite to eat from the dine-on-demand menu offering a good selection of starters and mains with light meals also an option. Have an accompanying malt drink, hot chocolate, tea, chamomile tea or coffee.

Economy Class passengers on overnight flights can unwind in cradle seats either sitting or reclining with adjustable headrests and lumbar support, a fleece blanket to keep them warm and cosy and a comfort kit. You can choose from three main dishes with vegetarian meals being standard, a range of teas, hot chocolate, coffee or cappuccino and as a goodnight service have a light snack before settling in to sleep.

In-flight Entertainment
Etihad’s E-Box affords passengers a variety of films from the latest to classics and old-time favourites all with multiple language tracks and sub-titles including high-rated television shows comprising comedies, sport, documentaries and lifestyle programmes. Additionally passengers can create their own video playlist or watch one of seven live television channels on news and sport as they happen.

Audio options are books, 16 radio channels, a CD library and for game lovers, up to 60 interactive games and on selected flights. Minors travelling will be enthralled with Kids Club movies, cartoons and games that include a parental lock feature to control unsuitable content.

Unaccompanied Minors (UM)
Children aged five years who have not yet turned 12, fall into the category of an unaccompanied minor (UM). Minors 12 years and older may travel alone but the service is available if specifically requested.

Those under the age of five are not permitted to travel alone and must have an adult 18 years and older accompany them. UMs pay the same fare as an adult and a UM form must be full completed for each child. The airline will confirm your booking within 24 hours of submission and you need four copies of the form to take with you to the airport on the day of departure. UMs must be checked-in 120 minutes before departure and parents must remain at the airport until the flight has departed.

Once checked-in the UM is in the capable care of the ground staff who will see them through passport control and security checks to the aircraft when cabin crew then take over caring and ensuring they are safe, comfortable and happy during their flight with a goody bag, games and children’s in-flight entertainment including tasty meals and refreshments. The maximum amount of time for UMs transferring between flights is four hours where they will be under the care of the airlines premier service team. On arrival the UM is met by a member of the ground staff, escorted through immigration, baggage and customs and only handed over to the designated guardian once the required identification is produced.

Baggage Checked
Business and First Class passengers have an allowance of two bags with a weight of up to 32kg each, Economy Value & Freedom passengers may take two bags weighing no more than 23kg each while Economy Breaking Deals and Saver passengers are permitted one bag with a weight not exceeding 23kg.

Cabin Baggage

Economy Class passengers may take one bag weighing up to 7kg while Business and First Class are permitted two bags with a total weight of no more than 12kg. Infants may take one bag with a weight not exceeding 5kg. The airline will accept your wheelchair as baggage at no extra cost in addition to your free baggage allowance provided the wheelchair operates with a dry cell battery. This service is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Airline Ratings