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ethiopian-airlinesEthiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) is today one of the most profitable and fastest growing airlines in Africa, leaping from strength to strength since its inception in 1946 when it first took to the skies in a ‘Douglas C-47 Skytrain’ to Cairo. With headquarters based at Addis Ababa and the busiest airport in eastern Africa, Ethiopian provides passenger and cargo services to more than 6.5 million international and domestic travellers a year. The flag carrier of Ethiopia, it proudly owns a fleet of 68 aircraft with a further 30 on order and has a staff complement of 7,000 plus.

Ethiopian services 20 domestic and 83 international destinations, landing at Cairo, Harare, Johannesburg, Lagos, Pointe-Noire, Seychelles and Zanzibar while in Europe you can travel to London, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris and Rome and in America reach Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and Washington, added to this Ethiopian has 17 code share agreements including South African Airways.

Over a short six year period, the airline has achieved an impressive 32 awards that alone would entice any traveller to fly with them. This year alone walking away with “Best Airline in Africa” (for the second consecutive year), “2014 Airline Reliability Performance Award’” (four years successively), including the “Best Airline of the Year Award” with their Aviation Academy attaining the award for “2014 Airline Training Services Provider of the Year“.

Ethiopian unveiled environmental plans in 2008 to plant trees throughout Ethiopia and launched a long-term campaign ‘Fly Greener’ which has resulted in 7.5 million multi-seedlings having been distributed to communities in southern Ethiopia and taking this campaign even further, Ethiopian have pledged, for every passenger flying, to plant one tree, undoubtedly serious about revitalising their environment.

Ethiopian’s classification of adults is 12 years and older, children between 2 and 11 years of age with infants up to two years of age.

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Ethiopian Airlines
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Cheapest Ethiopian Airlines Return Flights

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Baggage Allowance

Free Carry-On luggage allows Business Class flyers two pieces with weight not exceeding 8kgs each while Economy Class flyers may take one piece with a maximum weight of 7kgs. Regardless of class, the free carry-on luggage must be suitable for storage in the over-head racks or under the passenger’s seat with the sum of three dimensions (L+W+H) not exceeding 115cm. Additionally for free, personal items such as a handbag, purse, one laptop (excluding accessories and attachments), small camera, reading material, carry basket and food for an infant during flight, a fully collapsible cabin wheelchair or pair of crutches or other prosthetic devices that the passenger is dependent on, are acceptable.

An infant not occupying a seat is allowed 10kgs of free baggage as well as a collapsible push chair, provided there is available space in the cabin on the Ethiopian Airlines flight.

All gels, liquids, aerosols and pastes up to 100ml must be contained in one re-sealable transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre and not exceeding 20cm x 20cm. This bag will need to proceed separately through security screening. Baby food and medication have no restrictions but a medical certificate is required for medication taken on-board.

For checked-in baggage, ticket prices are inclusive for certain allowances of free baggage but differ with destinations, class of flight, ‘ShebaMiles’ and ‘Miles & More’ status as well as travellers who are ‘Star Alliance Gold’ members, so it’s recommended before packing, to make use of their ‘Baggage Allowance Calculator’ by simply entering ‘origin’, ‘destination’ and ‘Class of travel’ to see exactly what your baggage allowances are.

Disabled passengers may travel with their own folding wheelchair or required device dependent upon space availability in the cabin and these requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Passengers with larger or heavier pieces of baggage must ensure items are properly packaged and extremely bulky and oversized bags will be forwarded by freight.

Detailed pricing for carrying sports items such as golf clubs, snow skis, surf boards, bicycles, windsurfers, hang-gliders, canoes, angling, scuba and diving equipment can be found on the website including prohibited items.

What You Will Be Eating

Depending on the time of travel, Economy Class passengers can look forward to enjoying breakfast, brunch, lunch/dinner with a choice from three menus, hot snacks, rolls or sandwiches with their choice of drinks.

First and Business Class passengers are spoilt with personalised service and may select their preferred meal from an ‘a la carte’ menu, accompanied with the finest wine or champagne and ending off with a dessert of pastries, cheeses or fruits with the option of a port, brandy or liqueur. As an added extra, a traditional Ethiopian dish is offered as a sample taste.

Passengers who require special meals should request this when making their booking in advance.

As a courtesy to passengers Ethiopian provides amenity bags comprising personal items and those travelling in First or Business Class receive a good selection of newspapers from cities around the world so they’re up to date with the latest events before even arriving.

There are in-flight services of adult movies including TV programmes, jazz or Ethiopian music on most Ethiopian Airlines flights.

Amenity bags for children contain story and colouring books, moving puzzles as well as children’s movies and TV programmes keeping them happy and occupied during flight.

Ethiopian’s ‘Cloud Nine’ aircraft, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, ensures a relaxed and enjoyable flight for passengers with advanced features of sleeper seats, the latest audio and video services with 15.4” IFE screens, 85 channels (Economy Class has an 8.9” screen with 80 channels), the largest windows in the sky, a higher degree of humidity for improved cabin pressure and with 60% in noise reduction.

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