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Capital to Italy and the Lazio region is historic Rome, the county’s largest and most populated city.

cheap-flights-to-romeMeander among the ruins of the once majestic Roman Forum, where decisions made 2,000 years ago influenced much of the known world. The ancient hilltop town of Tivoli in Lazio will capture your heart with its villas showcasing Roman architecture and spectacular gardens. The magnificent Hadrian’s Villa was built between A.D. 118 & A.D. 134 as a summer retreat for Roman Emperor Hadrian, while Villa dEste provides an extraordinary example of a Renaissance garden with landscaped grottoes, huge fountains, tree-line avenues and much more.

When landing in Rome, you will arrive at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport or simply Rome Fiumicino Airport, also known as just Fiumicino Airport. This is an international airport in Rome and the major airport in Italy

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Rome International Airport, Italy

Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, Via dell’ Aeroporto di Fiumicino, 320, 00054 Fiumicino RM, Italy


Weather In Italy

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Climate in Rome
Generally Rome has warm weather all year round. June, July and August have temperatures ranging between 28 and 31°C with average lows between 17 and 19°C. July and August are generally the warmest months, November the wettest January the coolest.

When to fly to Rome
The ideal months for travel to Rome are from April to June and late September to October with crowds less intense. You will probably get Cheap Flights To Rome during these periods as they are not considered high season. Late October to Easter has many attractions on shorter winter hours or shut-down for refurbishment. July to mid-September has the city filled with plenty of visitors while August, besides being unpleasantly hot and teeming with people, has locals on vacation with many hotels, shops and restaurants closed.

Getting around Rome
The Metro subway with two lines is the quickest mode of travel. The orange Line A travels southeast to northwest via Termini, Spagna and Barberini including a few stations in Prati, close to the Vatican while the blue Line B runs via Termini, north to south, stopping in Ancient Rome. The Metro operates Sundays to Thursdays from 05h30 to 23h30 and Fridays and Saturdays to 01h30. Entrances to the subways are signified by large red Ms. Tickets can be bought at newsstands, tobacconists or at station vending machines.

Buses and trams are managed by the ATAC organisation and for 1.50€ you’ll reach most parts of the city, although slow with buses sometimes very crowded. Tickets are valid for an hour and 40 minutes, in which time you’re allowed to take as many buses and trams including one ride on the Metro with the same ticket. You can only purchase tickets from tobacconists and at bus stops. Special timed passes can be bought at Stazione Termini, a BIG 1-day ticket is 6€, a weekly CIS is 24€ and for tourists, the BTI for three days at 16,50€ saves you buying new tickets. All passes permit rides on the ATAC network including the Metro. When in a crowded bus, be alert for pickpockets, specifically Bus No. 64, popular for visitors.

Taxis in Rome are best booked telephonically by yourself, your hotel or the restaurant you enjoying dinner in, as its highly unlikely youll flag one down on the street or get one at a taxi rank. From 06h00 to 22h00, Mondays to Fridays meters start at €3 for the first three kilometres, followed by 1.10€ per kilometre with the first piece of luggage free and each additional piece at 1€. Saturdays and Sundays meters start at 4.50€. Every day from 22h00 to 06h00, the meter starts at 6.50€. Trips from Termini have an additional 2€ surcharge.

Driving yourself around in a rental vehicle is not the best idea. But if you want to discover the countryside at your leisure, book a vehicle through Hertz or Avis.

The ideal way to explore alleys, small piazzas and Ancient Rome is on a bicycle. Besides the hills, there are plenty of bicycle lanes. You can rent a bike from Bici & Baci, two blocks west of Stazione Termini from 4€ per hour or 11€ for the day.

The heart of Rome is best explored on foot with many attractions in clusters and most of it being traffic-free. In many places you may encounter discomfort walking among crowds, on cobbled stoned roads and in the heat.

Insider information

  • A visit to Terme di Caracalla will entice your imagination to the magnificence of what these baths once were. Surviving 3 centuries until Goths invaded, destroying the plumbing system, they were built by order from Emperor Caracalla in A.D. 217.
  • Lining both sides of the Fori Imperiali are the Imperial Forums introduced by Julius Caesar in 54 B.C. that include the Temple of Venus Genetrix. On the west side, see marble maps ordered by Mussolini charting outreaches of the Roman Empire in its heyday.
  • The Vatican Museum is a must, while the 1613 palace Galleria Borghese has a range of masterpieces, the National Etruscan shows a legacy of statues and jewellery left behind from the Etruscans. The Museo Capitolino houses many of the worlds most important sculptures like the Dying Gaul.
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