Cheap Flights to Malaysia

Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country occupies the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island Borneo. Famous for its beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, architecture and temples, it comprises a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European influence.

cheap-flights-to-malaysiaKuala Lumpur, a federal capital of Malaysia was founded in 1857 and is referred to by locals as KL. A widespread city with skyscrapers, six-lane highways, colonial buildings, enormous shopping areas and plenty of greenery, it’s the largest city in the country with Penang 2nd and Johor Bahru 3rd.

Besides KL International Airport, the largest and busiest in Malaysia, visitors have another 21airports in which to land. Depending on the time of year you decide to visit Malaysia, you will find cheap flights to Malaysia right here. Travellers flying from South Africa can take flights with airlines that include, South African Airways, Singapore and  Emirates.

Visitors have no shortage of superb hotels ranging from 2 to 5-Star establishments, backpackers and B&Bs located around the country.

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Cheapest One-Way Flights To Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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Cheapest ReturnFlights To Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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Kuala Lampur Airport, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur International Lapangan Terbang, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, 64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia


Weather In Malaysia

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Malaysia’s climate
Daily temperatures average between 22 to 32°C all year while in the hill resorts its somewhat cooler around 21°C during the day and at night plus/minus 10°C. March and April are the wettest months including October to December.

When to fly to Malaysia
Visitors have two peak seasons to choose from, one around the start of December to the end of January with the second during June, July, August, sometimes into mid-September. Finding cheap flights to Malaysia might be difficult at this time of the year. Tourist traffic is equivalent during both seasons. The first covers primary northern hemisphere winter holidays with numerous celebrations. If planning to travel around August, check the dates of celebrations as they change from year to year. The second peak season is filled with Middle Eastern families (and others) holidaying during school vacations but after September it quietens down until December.

Getting around Malaysia
Malaysia has good infrastructure with numerous options for domestic travel and how you choose to get around depends on your time limit and budget. You can fly, travel by train, bus or drive on well maintained roads.

Domestic airlines include Malaysia, AirAsia, Berjaya Air and Firefly, each flying particular routes.

Travelling throughout Peninsular Malaysia can be done via the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad train service that runs from north to south between Singapore and the Thai border.

The intercity coach (bus) system is inexpensive, but not recommended as standard coaches are dirty, with questionable maintenance and road safety dicey. Alternatively take an executive coach service between Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore and Melaka, thats excellent and clean.

Taxi services (hired vehicles) are known as outstation taxis and run between each city and state on the Peninsula. Rates are determined by distances travelled but can be haggled down. Vehicles are not of the highest quality, usually older sedan types and, it’s the most expensive means of travel.

If driving yourself you have the North-South Highway that links cities along the west coast of the Peninsula including a toll that differs in price according to how far you’re travelling. Along the way you’ll find rest points with toilet facilities, food outlets and emergency phones. The east coast in comparison to the west, provides more driving pleasure, albeit the highway is older and narrower, you’re taken through rubber plantations with the quintessence of kampung Malaysia suffusing along the way.

Malaysia – insider information

  • Visit the magnificent 451m tall Petronas Towers that loom towards outer space, then take a short walk and visualise sea life like never before at the Aquaria KLCC, a 5,000ft² oceanarium located beneath KL.
  • Bukit Bintange, KLs trendiest entertainment and shopping district will keep you occupied for longer than intended.
  • A must experience is the KL Bird Park, a 20,9 acre public aviary, part of the Lake Gardens area and home to around 3,000 birds comprising over 200 species.
  • Stroll up to the amazing Batu Caves and also view the Murugan Temple.
  • Tioman Island, located 32km off the east coast and approximately 12km wide and 20m in length, is an ecological paradise with golden beaches and the bluest sea.
  • Borneo is home to the Gunung Mulu National Park, comprising unsurpassed natural beauty that will leave you speechless.
  • The spectacular 80,000ha Endau Rompin National Park is another must for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Home to vast species of mammals, birds, frogs and insects, it also has a variety of exotic orchids, herbs and trees.
  • The picturesque port town of Muar, situated on the Muar River, draws tourists with its inexpensive delicious cuisine, fishing, canoeing and history from the 15th
  • The town of Kampar, founded in 1887, is nestled within the Kinta Valley and comprises awe-inspiring rivers and waterfalls.
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