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  Located in Eastern Africa on the Indian Ocean coastline and the equator, Kenya (officially the Republic of Kenya) comprises an expansive terrain of mountain highlands, grasslands, lakes and an abundance of wildlife that attracts visitors from all over. Airlines landing in the capital city Nairobi comprise South African Airways, Kulula, Emirates, Qatar, Turkish, Etihad, RwandAir, Air Mauritius and LAM (Mozambique) cheap-flights-to-kenyaThe country is named after Mount Kenya with the origin of Kenya not clearly known but possibly linked to the Kikuyu, Kamba and Embu words of Kirinyaga, Kiinyaa and Kirenyaa, all meaning Gods resting place. The country’s regional commercial hub is Nairobi and its official languages are Swahili and English while its currency is the Kenyan shilling. You’ll have no problem finding accommodation to suit your pocket and need with a variety of superb hotels from 3 to 5-Star, comfortable and safe backpacker establishments, serviced apartments and B&Bs located in major cities and towns.

Kenya’s three major cities comprise Nairobi, the coastal city of Mombasa, second largest to the capital and the port city of Kisumu, third largest in the country. Nairobi thrives around the clock and is the only capital globally with a national park within its confines. There’s never a dull moment with an array of bars, nightclubs, coffeehouses, live music venues and restaurants the city offers.

During the day and very popular is Blankets & Wine, a monthly picnic concert with live music. Mombasa too has no shortage of entertainment for visitors to enjoy with nightclubs tailored for adults, those on the beach, Tembo Disco, a popular entertainment attraction and the Cove Restaurant, comprising two floors and overlooking the Bamburi beach is a top dining venue. Additionally there’s a good choice of casinos in the cities to keep your heart going.

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Cheapest One-Way Flights To Nairobi, Kenya

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Cheapest Return Flights To Nairobi, Kenya

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Kisumu International Airport, Kenya

Kisumu International Airport Access Road, Kisumu, Kenya

Weather In Kenya

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With its tropical climate Kenya’s coast is hot and humid while inland is moderate and the northern parts very dry. The hottest months in Kenya are December to March. The tropical coastal districts experience high humidity during April and May with monsoon winds while the lowlands are hot and dry and the highlands more agreeable, having four seasons. Areas near Lake Victoria have higher temperatures with a heavier rainfall. Nairobi, close to Mt Kenya with its permanent snow tipped peaks is cooler.
When to Fly
June to October

July and August is dry and cooler providing superb wildlife viewing conditions for tourists. Large numbers of wildebeest are usually seen in the Maasai Mara from late July through to October and it’s a great time to climb Mt Kenya with average daily highs of 78°F.

November brings in short-term rains with irregular showers, occasional flash floods and the arrival of birds from Eurasia. December to February is hot and dry but good for bird and animal viewing although the long grass can prevent you from seeing the smaller animals.

January to February is the calving season for zebra, wildebeest and other hoofed species. March begins with sporadic rain but provides excellent game viewing over new short grasslands with average daily temperatures reaching highs of 86°F. April and May is the heavy rain season that brings about lush landscapes with temperatures averaging daily highs of around 73°F.

Getting around Kenya
Hiring a rental vehicle affords you more flexibility and freedom. Based at the airport and in major cities and towns you’ll find regular and reputable companies like Avis, Europcar, Sixt and Budget as well as Rent a Fine Car and Car Rental Kenya.

Visitors not wanting to rent a car can get around easily with Kenya’s public buses or matatus, privately owned minibuses that are very popular and the cheapest way to travel. Both options offer express services between major cities, towns and suburbs with fares paid on-board.

For long-distance bus travel, bookings need to be made in advance at their booking office before your day of travel. For that quick trip across town hail down or pre-book a taxi cab with rates for as little as $5, charged for a few miles drive.

The most practical way to travel long distance, if your time is limited and you can afford to, is to fly with one of Kenyas domestic airlines. They fly between the key cities of Mombasa, Malindi, Kisumu and Eldoret also chartering smaller aircraft to minor cities, game parks and northern Kenya. You have a selection from Kenya Airways, Air Kenya, Fly540, East African Safari Air Express, African Express Air, Marsaland including others.

For train travel between Nairobi and Mombasa, the Jambo Kenya Delux departs from Nairobi on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, returning from Mombasa on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. It departs from Nairobi at 19h00 with arrival in Mombasa at 09h30. A 1st class one-way ticket costs $45 per person sharing a 2-berth cabin and 2nd class is $34 per person sharing a 4-berth cabin, both inclusive of dinner and breakfast. 3rd class one-way is $6 for a seat. Children under 3 years travel for free. While travelling be on the look-out for wildebeest, giraffe or elephants and if you’re awake by five a.m., you’ll have splendid vistas of the Tsavo National Park while enjoying your breakfast. Train tickets can be booked at the station from where you’re leaving or via a local travel agent.

Rift Valley Railways, a Kenya-Uganda operator, services long distance travel to Kenya’s primary cities including commuter services to the Greater Nairobi area. This vital service transports around 500,000 passengers monthly.

Kenya Insider Information


  • Spend a half a day or more in the Nairobi National Park covering 117sq kilometres with flora, fauna, rocky valleys and gorges or the Nairobi Safari Walk, a conservation recreation facility that affords visitors the opportunity on what to expect throughout the country from terrain to wildlife. The Animal Orphanage, founded in 1964, is a refuge and rehabilitation centre for injured and abandoned wild animals.
  • The Mamba Village is great for viewing crocodiles and getting close up to a Maasai Ostrich when feeding it. Visitors have a tented camp for overnight stays. The Giraffe Centre, a breeding base for giraffes also enlightens visitors on these large beautiful animals with the chance to feed them.


  • Lying between the Mtwapa and Tudor creeks is the Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve with crystal blue waters perfect for water skiing, wind surfing, snorkelling and diving and home to a multi-coloured assortment of marine species including starfish, crabs, turtles, stone fish, cucumber sea urchins and sea grasses.
  • By order of King Philip of Portugal, Fort Jesus was built in the shape of a man between 1594 and 1596 to protect the port of Mombasa. The fort was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011 and is a supreme example of 16th century Portuguese military architecture.
  • Haller Park in Bamburi was transformed from a quarry wasteland into an amazing ecological area of tranquillity. You can hand-feed the giraffes and view at close range, hippo, crocodiles, buffalo, antelope and plenty of monkeys.
  • The largest remaining single mass of indigenous coastal forest in East Africa is the 400sq km protected Arabuko Sokoke National Park established in 1990. The park has an abundance of natural beauty and is alive with birds, monkeys and butterflies and an occasional herd of elephants that may pass through to the river.
  • The Ruins of Gedi are the remains of a Swahili town that once was a thriving community between the 13th and 17th centuries and is now recognised for its archaeological value.
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