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Johannesburg often referred to as ‘Joburg’ or ‘Jozi’ and abbreviated JHB was established in 1886 and known as the city of gold. Being the wealthiest province in South Africa with the largest economy of any metropolitan region in Sub-Saharan Africa, it’s alive, fast paced and never sleeps. There are thousands of flights to and from Johannesburg daily, which allows us to offer you cheap flights to Johannesburg.

Whether you are a business person wanting to attend a conference, a family visiting relatives or if you’re travelling from overseas for holiday and business purposes, the city of Johannesburg has everything to offer you from bright night city lights to total relaxation.
Cheap Flights To JohannesburgTo make your trip a success, take advantage of a variety of inexpensive ways to get there! One can find a direct flight to Johannesburg with South African Airways, British Airways, Mango or Kulula and check out the special offers from the various providers bearing in mind that with their affiliate partnerships, you can find special offers for your accommodation and cheap car hire rental at the same time.

For the young and inexperienced starting their own business, visiting the JCCI (Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industries) is a must. The JCCI is run as an independent, non-political, subscription-based association and dedicates itself to promoting a ‘business-friendly’ environment assisting members from all sectors of the economy from small entrepreneurs to large corporations. An important facet of the JCCI is in promoting and facilitating international trade and as a neutral third party, will negotiate contracts and secure funding for projects that members would benefit from. The JCCI promotes business development, skills development training including business advisory services, offering members ‘Practical Business Training’ and for those with a product suitable for the overseas market, ‘International Trade Opportunities’ and ‘Import and Export Guidance to avoid pitfalls’ as well as their ‘Business Women’s Desk’ and ‘SMME Growth and Development projects’. For the overseas business person the JCCI offers advice on doing business with South Africa, promoting their products in South Africa and sourcing potential buyers or sellers of products beneficial to their market.

Cheap Flights To Johannesburg – One-way

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Cheap Flights To Johannesburg – Return

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Best Time To Visit Johannesburg

The best time to visit Johannesburg would be between them months of December and February. South African schools are on holiday at this time of the year and the city tends to be much less populated as residents head to the coast for the holiday season. Johannesburg’s tourists attractions are far less crowded and much more accessible over this time of year. The temperatures are also much warmer during this time.

The winter months are between July to August and are also beautiful and sunny, but nights can be extremely cold.


What To Do In Johannesburg

For families on holiday the Johannesburg Zoo is not to be missed. Established in the early 1900’s your family will appreciate animals like the Pygmy Hippo, the Western Lowland Gorilla, a Sumatran orang-utan besides the big cat families to mention just a few, a large assortment snakes and an array of birdlife. The zoo recently announced the hatching of four penguins now being raised by the staff. There are tours for the family such as ‘family fun’ and ’zoo snooze’ including their ‘Open Moonlight Tour’ or ‘The 200 Trot’ for walkers or runners. Children have much to gain from programmes on animal conservation and green projects. Other than animals, for overly active children there’s the enjoyment of skateboarding, go-karting or Gold Reef City and for theatre lovers a show at Emperor’s Palace.

The person combining business and pleasure has countless options to choose from, be it relaxing at the Vaal River or taking in a game of golf at the Johannesburg Golf Club. For paramount views of splendid scenery try hot air ballooning in the Magaliesburg, where after landing you can enjoy a scrumptious champagne breakfast while for tranquillity, visit Johannesburg’s Botanical Gardens situated in the West Rand area. For those more energised people there’s canoeing with exciting river routes suitable for all from beginners to the most advanced or waterskiing, rock climbing and for the really brave-hearted, skydiving or gliding.

OR International Airport is the only major airport in South Africa where one can take the Gautrain, although many still prefer to hire a rental car especially if they have business meetings to attend or are visiting different towns and places. Roads are generally in very good condition and with the many highways, travelling throughout Gauteng is a breeze.

To ensure you get the best deal available for your cheap flight to Johannesburg, check the various airlines and compare prices on a regular basis. Mango offer specials on flights when bookings are made between certain times and on certain days and if you’re a Momentum Multiply Member, you can receive up to 50% off your Mango flight!  Another well known cheap flight provider is Kulula and with a Kulula credit card you can build up ‘Kulula moolah’ enabling you to save on future flights and be included in their travel voucher system. British Airways have some great deals through 2015 for those flying from Durban to Johannesburg and with South African Airways, your SAA Voyager Credit Card allows you to earn Voyager Miles.

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