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Durban – the dazzling and aromatic city of the Zulu Kingdom, with amazing weather all year round, is still one the firm favourite holiday hot spots in the country, even in winter. Especially in winter. No matter what time of the year your soul craves sunny days and mild ocean waters, Durban is inviting with a lively vibe.  It is the embodiment of all things beach, offering the ideal coastal getaway, and cheap flights to Durban can get you there from Johannesburg in just over an hour.

The moment you step off the plane, your senses will be assaulted, in a good way; the smells of the authentic Durban curries combined with the salty humid air makes for an exotic mix.

For those of you who haven’t been to Durban prior to the world cup, you will not arrive at the old Louis Botha Airport, which is a good thing, since it has been demolished. Instead, you flight to Durban will arrive at the new and improved King Shaka International Airport, roughly 35 kilometers from the heart of the city.

Top 10 CheapFlights To Durban – One-way

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Top 10 Cheap Flights To Durban – Return

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Booking cheap flights to Durban on a Budget

Going on holiday can be costly, even within the borders of our own country. The increase in petrol prices is limiting travel options, and driving across country for a quick getaway is mostly out of the question. Flying is of course the quickest way to get where you want to go, and contrary to popular belief, does not necessarily have to cost a fortune.

Cheap Flights To DurbanThanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, finding cheap flights to Durban should not be back-breaking work either; you can plan your entire trip from the comfort of your office. We utilizes search engines to find and compare flight prices on a wide selection of airlines. We are not affiliated with any one airline, so you can expect a fair and “unbiased” quote. It really is that easy. Simply type in your destination and departure dates, compare prices, and you are good to go. The cheapest flights will be displayed first by default, so you can expect prices to increase as you work your way through the search results.

Mango and Kulula airlines are currently your best bet for finding cheap flights to Durban, so you can look at their individual websites for more information on current flash specials, which will not appear on these search engine based sites.

In order to find the best rates; keep a few tips in mind;

  • You can get a cheaper flight by being flexible. By simply changing the date or time of day you want to fly, you can get great specials.
  • Consider planning your trip in advance. The cheapest flights to Durban are usually available months ahead of time. Last minute specials do occur, but these usually sell out faster than you click on the “book” button.
  • Sign up for newsletters, and not just the airlines’. Airports like King Shaka have their own newsletter in circulation to inform travelers of cheap flights.
  • Social media is a wonderful travelling tool. Specials and travel packages are often announced via Facebook and Twitter, but word spreads like wild fire, so you better be quick.

Cheap Flights to Durban – From the Airport

The airport is not actually in Durban, but it is not a long drive to your final destination. If extensive exploring is not on your agenda, shuttles run on the hour between the 35 kilometer stretch from the airport to Durban center. The shuttles are reliable and fares are reasonable, but they do stop running by 10 pm.

There are no trains, but the aptly named Durban People Mover is a bus service that operates between all the mayor attractions every quarter hour. Taxis can’t be hailed, this is not the States; they need to be book in advance.

If you prefer a bit more freedom during your travels, opt for car hire. When you book one of the cheap flights to Durban, you can simultaneously book a pair of wheels that will be waiting for you at the airport on arrival. Take note! Before you even leave the airport, make sure to have at least some cash handy. Before you’re properly out of the airport, you will meet a toll gate; one that will not accept your debit or credit card.

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