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An immense, sprawling country, Brazil is famous for its 38m high Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, the Amazon rainforests, the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, its world-famous carnival and rich history.

cheap-flights-to-brazilBrazil has more than 80 cities with São Paulo the largest by population, followed by Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Brasilia, present capital of the country. Earlier capitals were Salvador from 1549 to 1763 and Rio de Janeiro from 1763 to 1960.

Brasília with its white modern architecture is a planned city designed mainly by Oscar Niemeyer and designed in the shape of an airplane. The President JK Bridge is a spectacular work of steel and concrete that crosses the artificial Lake Paranoá, linking its eastern shore to the city centre.

São Paulo, the financial hub of the country has a profusion of cultural institutions, an abundance of traditional architecture, restaurants, first-class museums, shops galore, superb hotels and wonderful green areas.

Salvador in the state of Bahia comprises a tropical coastline, Portuguese colonial architecture and an Afro-Brazilian culture. Within the heart of the city, the historical Pelourinho neighbourhood has cobblestone alleys that lead into large squares, baroque churches and colourful buildings.

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Cheapest One-Way Flights To Sao Paulo, Brazil

Route Airline Price Trip dates Search date
Flights from Johannesburg to Sao Paulo Taag Airlines R3 979 16 May 31 Jan 06:10
Flights from Cape Town to Sao Paulo Taag Airlines R4 029 1 Aug 11 Dec 06:11
Flights from Cape Town to Sao Paulo British Airways R7 259 5 Nov 15 Jan 06:11
Flights from Durban to Sao Paulo South African Airways R10 704 1 Jul 19 Apr 12:49
Prices based on live searches up till 7 Feb 00:00 and are subject to change.


Cheapest Return Flights To Sao Paulo, Brazil

No cheap flights available for this route.
Prices based on live searches up till and are subject to change.

Cheapest Return Flights To Brasilia, Brazil

Route Airline Price Trip dates Search date
Flights from Cape Town to Brasilia Lan Airlines R12 099 10 Jun 27 Jan 06:10
Flights from Johannesburg to Brasilia Lan Airlines R12 109 21 Jun 17 Dec 06:10
Flights from Cape Town to Brasilia South African Airways R16 229 1 Oct 14 Dec 12:10
Prices based on live searches up till 7 Feb 00:00 and are subject to change.


Sao Paulo International Airport, Brazil

Sao Paulo International Airport (GRU) – Rod. Hélio Smidt, s/nº – Cumbíca, Guarulhos – SP, 07190-100, Brazil

RIOgaleão - Tom Jobim International Airport, Brazil

RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport (GIG) – Av. Vinte de Janeiro, s/nº – Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 21941-900, Brazil

Weather In Brazil

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Brazils climate
Brazil has a tropical and subtropical climate. Winter from June to August averages monthly temperatures between 13 and 18°C while summer from December to February has Rio de Janeiro reaching temperatures between 30 and 40°C including the southern regions with added humidity and regular showers.

When to fly to Brazil
High season from December to March is hot, festive with crowds and high prices, especially during Carnaval, so bear in mind that this time of the year it will be difficult to find cheap flights to Brazil.

Shoulder season during April and October has warm, dry weather along the coast with mild temperatures in the south. Besides Easter week, crowds and prices are average.

Low season from May to September offers lower prices, except for school holidays during July. A good time to visit the Amazon or Pantanal is from July to September.

Getting around Brazil
To visit numerous regions and cities, flying is the only option due to Brazils vastness and the lack of rail travel but the country’s airline industry is suffering tumultuous times. There is an option to purchase an air pass, available only to foreigners, that offers four flights within a 21-day period and must be purchased and booked outside of Brazil. Before purchasing your pass, be sure to read the small print and note that only limited changes are permitted once you’ve arrived in the country, for more information go to There are additional low-cost airlines that have recently emerged such as Azul, Ocean Air, TRIP, and Webjet. We tie into all of these airlines to make sure you get cheap flights to Brazil were possible.

Renting a vehicle works out expensive when travelling long distances and inner city driving is only for confident drivers as Brazilian drivers can be aggressive, ignoring rules of the road and parking being another whole issue. When driving should you see a small pile of leaves or cut branches in the road, slow down as there’s an accident ahead. Avis, Hertz and others rentals have branches at main airports and in major cities.

Travelling in Brazil by bus is comfortable, affordable and efficient, besides the long distances but you can choose from a vast number of bus providers operating various regional routes. You can book your bus tickets online with reserved seating. If booking a popular bus route you can choose a deluxe coach with air-conditioning and reclining seats.

Brazil – insider information

  • Rio offers the spectacular art deco Christ the Redeemer statue, completed in 1931 and 2nd largest in the world, located on top of Mount Corcovado, a 710m granite peak situated in the Tijuca Forest. Climb or relax with views in a cable car while ascending 396m up to Sugarloaf Mountain.
  • São Paulo is home to the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo that opened in 1905. Take time to relax, walk or go jogging in Ibirapuera Park, a beautiful lush, large major urban park with museums and a music hall.
  • Salvador holds the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, built on a hill during the 18th century including the magnificent Cathedral Basilica of Salvador that opened in 1657.
  • Manaus, capital to the state of Amazonas and its largest city is also an imperative port for sea vessels although 1500km from the ocean. Book a budget or upscale 3 to 6 day jungle tour.
  • Capital to the state of Pernambuco is Recife, encompassing bridges, rivers, peninsulas and islets while its south has the popular Boa Viagem Beach, sheltered by reefs and lined with restaurants, hotels and apartment blocks. The historic old town centre Recife Antigo dates back to the 16th
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