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British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier and the largest airline in the United Kingdom and wherever you may be flying or for whatever reason, with British Airways you’ll undoubtedly have a wonderful experience to remember!

If British and flying domestically within South Africa, you can remain patriotic by flying with Comair, operated by British Airways and offering economy and business class cabins with the same high level of British comfort and service and should money be an issue, fly with Kulula who serve as the budget arm to BA in South Africa.

Booking your flight online directly with British Airways couldn’t be easier! Saving you time and stress and possibly forgetting to ask a particular question, you’re more relaxed at home with all you need to know right at your fingertips. Simply register, log in and be sure to first look for BA’s ‘special deals’ which are limited-time deals giving you the best available prices to some of the most popular destinations in the world and include the usual benefits BA offer.

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British Airways
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Cheapest British AirwaysFlights Prices One-Way Domestic

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Cheapest British Airways Prices Return Domestic Flights

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Baggage Allowance

When packing your items consider your luggage allowance. Travelling on a UK Domestic or European short-haul flight you have the option of travelling light with good price value on BA’s ‘hand baggage only fares’, free on-line check-in, allocated seats and the same generous hand baggage allowance. Infants and children flying on a ‘hand baggage only fare’ can check a fully collapsible stroller and should your plans change, for an additional fee, you can still arrange to check in bags.

British Airways have a ‘with-baggage fare’ that includes one bag per person of up to 23kg. Checked bags can be up to 90cmx75cmx43cm inclusive of any bits sticking out like handles, pockets or wheels. Items larger than 190cmx75cmx65cm will have to be checked as cargo and sporting equipment such as skies, surfboards or musical instruments can be carried on board as part of your free baggage allowance but if not, British Airways has special arrangements for these items.

If you have to take additional bags than your free allowance offers, for an extra fee you may do so bearing in mind you get the best rates if you pay online in advance. Buying an ‘extra baggage allowance’ is a cost effective and easy solution to avoid additional charges when checking in and for your convenience, British Airways have an ‘extra baggage service’ that includes up to 10 bags (including your free allowance) per adult or child but not applicable for infants under 2.

British Airways has additional luggage benefits for those travellers that fly frequently and if travelling on various flights in more than one class, book your entire trip in one booking, as the more generous allowance will then apply to your entire journey.


Passengers Requiring Assistance

For elderly travellers or those requiring assistance or specific seating inform BA at least 48 hours before your flight’s departure or do so when booking your flight, if booking on-line select ‘Go to Manage My Booking’. Travellers with wheelchairs should arrive at the departure gate early allowing enough time for boarding the aircraft and if you want your wheelchair or mobility aid to be stored safely on board see ‘Electric wheelchairs & mobility aids’ where you’ll find all pertinent information, specifically maximum dimensions that BA can accommodate. BA does have wheelchairs on board. It is advisable to request BA’s ‘Safety Assistance’ if you need help with lifting yourself, reaching an emergency exit unaided, communicating with crew on safety matters, unfastening seat belts, retrieving and fitting life jackets or fitting oxygen masks.

For visually or hearing impaired passengers once your booking is confirmed you may reserve your seat for free and if you require assistance or an escort make your request known to BA. Headphones provided are compatible with hearing aids and cabin crew are able to assist you with all your needs except personal care during the flight. All BA international flights to or from Heathrow or Gatwick including all UK domestic flights carry recognised ‘Assistance Dogs’ free of charge in the cabin. These dogs must meet the criteria of Assistance Dogs International (ADI) who have training standards for three types of assistance dogs: Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Service Dogs.


Travelling With Children

For children travelling alone BA’s solution is their ‘Skyflyer Solo’ service affording parents total peace of mind that their child will be well looked after during the entire journey.

For those planning a trip to or from South Africa next year with children, take note that the South African Immigration Department is in the process of amending their requirements for all children under the age 18 which will be in effect from 31st May 2015. Scrutinise these requirements avoiding delays and stress when ready to board your flight for South Africa.


What You Will Be Eating

BA conducted extensive research to improve their food and wine, ensuring it tastes even better high up than on ground level. BA’s team of chefs serve mouth-watering meals with only the finest ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers that is freshly prepared for your flight.

Whatever class and dependent on the duration of your flight you may enjoy a full English or continental breakfast, lunch or dinner with choices from light to enticing three course meals including a range of soft drinks or wine and if peckish between meals, mid-flights snacks are on offer for selected routes.

Afternoon tea has been an English tradition since 1830 and BA uphold this by offering a ‘mid-afternoon delight’ of specially blended Twining’s tea accompanied with a selection of delicious sandwiches, cakes, scones and pastries which is not to be missed. The ‘World Traveller Plus’ menu is planned with seasonality in mind and on some routes in Asia and Africa, BA offers locally sourced regional dishes giving you a first-hand taste of the native cuisine.

If travelling on BA’s ‘OpenSkies Biz Bed’ flight, indulge in a four-course French cuisine meal, paired with the finest French wine with the finale of an irresistible Ladurée macaroon and for ‘Fine Dining’ BA has an exclusive ‘a la carte’ menu with classic British dishes. Also available are cheese platters, seasonal fresh fruits and the finest chocolates.

If you’re a vegetarian, have a medical dietary requirement or eat only Kosher or Muslim food, BA will do their utmost to meet your need, only make your request known at least 48 hours before your flight leaves for the perfect preparation of your special meal, noting that special meals are not available on all flights.

BA have a great deal more to offer so check the BA website for more comprehensive information on special deals and everything else above.

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