The Eastern Cape is full of culture and history. When you visit, local people will tell you stories of Xhosa rulers, frontier battles, the first settlers, cultural clashes and more. The towns of Bathurst, Grahamstown and Cradock are some of the towns to visit if you want to know the history and culture of this area. There are 9 Eastern Cape the travel routes, including Tsitsikamma, known as the world’s most elevated bungee jumping bridge and the Otter Trail.

The province is an adventure heaven. There are many activities like bungee jumping, dune boarding, hiking trail, zip lines, surfing and quad biking, available for adventure lovers. This is one of the three provinces with harbors- Port Elizabeth, East London, and Ngqura. The province lets you get a glimpse of the best birdlife and marine life, including 27 species of whales and dolphins.

The East London Museum highlights permanent human and natural history exhibits, including the main Dodo egg in the world, the absolute first coelacanth – found off the East London coast, and the most established human impressions at any point found – 124 multi year old follow impressions found in shake at Nahoon Point close East London. Some other strange highlights incorporate a live apiary and East London waterway harbor displays. The exhibition hall is viewed as one of South Africa’s best historical centers and is an incredible spot to take the children, on a stormy day or on the off chance that you have an excess of sun on the shoreline – if just to see the unusual coelacanth example. This fish species was already just known from fossil records and was thought to have turned out to be wiped out 80 million years back, until an angler dragged up a live one away the East London coast in 1938.

Flights to East London is easily accessible from all major cities of South Africa. There is more, whether planning to go for shopping or undergoing water activities. Once you land here, do what you love most. 

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